ATC 9K HD Action Camera Review

Rating: 8/10

I already have an ATC3K ACTION CAMERA, and let me tell you, compared to that, this is an absolute doddle to use.

The buttons are large and extremely user friendly. There is a very decent size screen at the rear of the unit which makes directional setting up of the camera a total "cicnch". This is something that can take days with the old ATC3K.

There is the facility to view video or still camera footage immediately using the buttons at the rear, and another nice touch is that the unit comes with hard covers which attatch securely both to the rear screen and the front lens.

Another excellent feature of this unit is the instruction book which is unbeliavably simple to follow and understand, I honestly believe that even my wife could follow it.

So, onto using the camera. It has a simple power button to the right and beneath the rear screen, and makes an audible noise to indicate the unit is powering up.

At the front of the camera, above the lens unit are 2 large yellow buttons. One activates the video camera, a simple press on, and a simple press off, much easier to use than the ATC3K.

The second button operates the still camera function, which is a really nice feature allowing you to take great still shots whilst still riding.

Another good feature is the remote control unit, which is very small but still really easy to use. Great if your using the camera on your helmet and want to take pictures in whatever direction you are looking, even whilst riding.

Not supplied with the camera, but available as optional extras are a "G-SENSOR", and a "GPS MODULE"

I won't go into these as I didn't have them but reading through the data on them they look like FUN with a very big "F".

And now some video footage of the camera in action on one of our group rides. This was taken as a test under some quite demanding light conditions, riding at speed through woodland under a bright sun.

A great little camera, with fantastic picture quality that is really simple to use, and easy to upload from.

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Reviewed By Dale

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