Vincero Design Edge 16 mount & Stratus bottle Review

Rating: 9/10

What with limited space full suspension bikes and small frame triangles it's often hard to find room for a decent bottle cage, especially one that's easy to access but which also holds the bottle securely.

Step up the Edge 16 mount & Stratus bottle by Vincero Design. Quite simply, the Edge 16 is unlike any other bottle cage - it's a straight forward carbon mount rather than a cage and the Stratus bottle which is food grade plastic is held in place by a clever magnetic. The bottle has a wide 63mm top with medical grade silicone valve that requires no manual opening or closing - just give it a squeeze.

So what's not to like? It's well styled, very light, easy to fit and use and the bottle does not fall off even with rough mountain biking! It's all goodness except the standard Stratus 20 bottle is just 591ml (20fl oz) so that's not much for a long ride. The larger 710ml (24fl oz) bottle is just not available anywhere in the UK which is a shame.

I've been using this for 3 months now without an issues. Price is very reasonable at around £28 for the mount and £7 for the Stratus 20 bottles. Various 'kits' are available offering multiple bottle and extra mounts which offer savings over the individual prices too.

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Reviewed By giantAstax

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