2002 Marzocchi Shiver DC Review

Rating: 10/10

An outstanding fork, they just dont make them like they used to IMO,

Been riding this fork for a couple of years now and its taken some harsh abuse. Still plush, damping still works amazingly. I couldn't reccommend a better fork for DH'ing, I don't notice the 10mm less travel than most conventional DC forks. Getting rare now aswell but love the fact i got a piece of fork history that frankly, i wont ever be letting go of.

USD orientation:- makes this fork extremely stiff laterally, Unsprung weight is at a minimum and handling is fantastic, wheel is always in contact with the ground (except for drops .etc obviously). As most of the weight is above the springs, the small bump resistance is unmatched from my experience.
Good quality - The quality of this fork is, IMO, unmatched nowadays. I am sure many of you will agree that forks nowadays are so much more fragile and require constant maintenance (with a few exceptions). It requires next to no maintenance and to be honest, still looks and performs like new.
Damping:- Although the damping system is quite old (2002), it still soaks everything up and keeps the wheel firmly on floor. I simply cannot fault it. Adjusters are simple and easy to use. And, even though they just soak everything up and make riding the bike more like riding a mattress (with the right rear shock of course) you still get full feel through the bars.

Axial Flex:- I wouldn't really put this as a con for reasons you will read in a minute, but, due to the lack of an arch, they do have more axial twist under steering than conventional forks. That said, this is only really noticeable if you grip the wheel between your knees and twist the bars left and right, since i can hardly see someone jumping out of a bush in the middle of a descent and doing this i cant really see why it matters?
Weight:- Weight is the only real issue with these forks, they are not for people who are in love with carbon fiber and hollow crank arms. At nearly 4kg they are heavy, but, they are downhill forks so again, why does it matter. On top of the fact that they just make you get fitter pushing the weight around ;)

In summary i think these are amazing forks and wish they still made them, Yes they are heavy, Yes they flex between the knees, but neither of that matters on a downhill decent. They will take anything you can throw at them and spit it out without even noticing it. Mine are now 11 years old and still going strong with no wear to the stanchions and no play in the bushes.

Thanks for reading

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Reviewed By MiniMental

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