Camelbak Charge 10 Review

Rating: 9/10

Camelbak Charge 10 – RRP: £79.99. Wiggle price: £67.99

As we all know ensuring adequate hydration whilst out on the trails is paramount to performance and safety, so following a subscription to MBR magazine I was happy to receive a camelback charge 10 as a free welcome gift.

Initial inspections of the hydration pack/backpack where good; I was impressed with the quality of the simple things such as zips, clips, linings etc., making my perceived quality of the product very high indeed. This was also the first Camelbak I had tried which used the “lumbar” hydration system, where the bladder is held low down around the lower part of your back, I was interested to get out and find out how I would find this in comparison too more traditional bladder systems.

So first things first, I loaded up the bag with all the usual subjects; tubes, multi-tool, pump, first aid kit, snacks and waterproofs. I was impressed with how well the internal pockets and compartments allowed me to organise my belongings, and also at how much room there was in this bag, “Mary Poppins” springs to mind. Filling up the bladder was also easy, accessing it through a zip on the back of the bag and disconnecting it from the water tube made filling it up much easier than some of the alternatives. So that was it, I was ready, ready to adorn my bike and hit the trails.

After a couple of weeks using this pack I’m very happy with it, the lumbar reservoir is great, it works well to keep the weight lower down and supported on your hips, almost so that you feel little to no weight been transferred through your shoulders, I also like the fact that as the weight is lower down the pack doesn’t move forward when descending steep terrain, it stays firmly where it’s supposed to be, good bye to having your backpack hitting you in the back of the head when you really could do without it.

After a few rides the pack was inevitably very dirty, been a manly man I’m not too clued up on this washing machine lark so opted for using a damp cloth with a little washing up liquid to wipe the pack over, the material is great, the dirt just wiped straight off. As good as new! Without having to de-code the abundance of knobs and dials on the washing machine.

All in all I would recommend this product! It’s Great, Easy to clean, Plenty of Room, Doesn’t move around when on, good quality and robust.

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Reviewed By Pinchflat

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