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Tacx Blue Motion Turbo Trainer - By Gunner

The Tacx Blue Motion Turbo Trainer. This is the top model of the Blue cycletrainers. The Blue Motion features the same brake system as the Satori. The powerful Neodymium magnet , the extra large steel flywheel of 1.6kg and the 10 position handleba... Read more...

Altura Night Vision Windproof Cycling Jacket. - By Gunner

Altura Night Vision Windproof Cycling Jacket. Bought one of these at the end of last week from an on-line retailer at a ridiculously competitive price. Couldn't wait to get out and use it but a few days in the Dales walking put pay to that. So, I... Read more...

Altura Night Vision Gloves. - By Gunner

Bought these gloves, the Altura Night Vision waterproof gloves from Evans Cycles in High Holborn, London in September last year. They were reduced by quite a few quid at the time, can't remember the exact prices but I do know that other Altura waterp... Read more...

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ODI Ruffian grips - By Rcarter1

Recently upgraded to ODI Ruffian grips on my giant, and i was very impressed, you get no rotation in the middle of the grip like you do with some grips. I like the fact that they are quite short as i run reasonably short handlebars, so a long grip for me takes up too much room and leaves my brake levers too far onto my bars. I also find them comfortable over long rides, which is a refreshing change to having sore palms from grips with too soft a compound. They receive an 8/10 from me, wi... Read more...

Camelbak Charge 10 - By Pinchflat

Camelbak Charge 10 – RRP: £79.99. Wiggle price: £67.99 As we all know ensuring adequate hydration whilst out on the trails is paramount to performance and safety, so following a subscription to MBR magazine I was happy to receive a camelback charge 10 as a free welcome gift. Initial inspections of the hydration pack/backpack where good; I was impressed with the quality of the simple things such as zips, clips, linings etc., making my perceived quality of the product very high indeed.... Read more...

2002 Marzocchi Shiver DC - By MiniMental

An outstanding fork, they just dont make them like they used to IMO, Been riding this fork for a couple of years now and its taken some harsh abuse. Still plush, damping still works amazingly. I couldn't reccommend a better fork for DH'ing, I don't notice the 10mm less travel than most conventional DC forks. Getting rare now aswell but love the fact i got a piece of fork history that frankly, i wont ever be letting go of. Pros: USD orientation:- makes this fork extremely stiff laterally,... Read more...

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