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    ODI Ruffian grips - By Rcarter1

    Recently upgraded to ODI Ruffian grips on my giant, and i was very impressed, you get no rotation in the middle of the grip like you do with some grips. I like the fact that they are quite short as i run reasonably short handlebars, so a long grip f... Read more...

    Camelbak Charge 10 - By Pinchflat

    Camelbak Charge 10 – RRP: £79.99. Wiggle price: £67.99 As we all know ensuring adequate hydration whilst out on the trails is paramount to performance and safety, so following a subscription to MBR magazine I was happy to receive a camelback ... Read more...

    2002 Marzocchi Shiver DC - By MiniMental

    An outstanding fork, they just dont make them like they used to IMO, Been riding this fork for a couple of years now and its taken some harsh abuse. Still plush, damping still works amazingly. I couldn't reccommend a better fork for DH'ing, I don... Read more...

    Vincero Design Edge 16 mount & Stratus bottle - By giantAstax

    What with limited space full suspension bikes and small frame triangles it's often hard to find room for a decent bottle cage, especially one that's easy to access but which also holds the bottle securely. Step up the Edge 16 mount & Stratus bottl... Read more...

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